Text-Retrieval/Mining Seminar

Deutsch: Auf dieser Seite finden Sie Informationen zum wissenschaftlichen Seminar "Text-Retrieval/Mining", welches im Wintersemeser 2017/2018 stattfindet. Das Seminar findet in englischer Sprache statt.

English: On this page you can find information about the scientific seminar "Text-Retrieval/Mining", which takes place during the winter term 2017/2018. The seminar will be in English.

Content and Topics

This course deals with selected topics and subdomains of the research areas "Text Mining", "Text Retrieval" and "Information Extraction". With an emphasis on modelling and processing textual data, students acquire insight in methods of latent topic modelling, named entity recognition, model and feature selection, relation extraction etc. Below the topics for the winter term 2017/2018 are listed:

Different Models in Latent Topic Modelling (LTM)
Model Selection in LTM
Visualization of Text and Topics in LTM
Different Models for Chemical Named Entity Recognition (CNER)
Linguistical Properties for CNER and Feature Selection
Comparison on Rule-Based Systems and CRF's in CNER
Part-Of-Speech (POS) Tagging for low level sentence interpretation
Grammars, Languages and Tagging in the POS context
Sentiment Analysis: Models and Processing
Relation Extraction: Models, Relation and Challenges

At the beginning of the course we will present the suggested topics.

Interested Persons

Please register yourself via LSF. The seminar is limited to 10 participants. We apply the scheme: "First Come, First Serve" (FCFS).

Teaching Staff

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us via E-Mail:

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