Multimedia Retrieval

On this page you find information about the course "Multimedia Retrieval", which is given by Andreas Nürnberger in summer term 2012. This page will be updated regularly throughout the semester.

General Information

Multimedia Retrieval (MIR) considers information search in non or less structured multimedia data sets. Examples for applications are web search engines, digital libraries and multimedia archives like music, picture or video data bases. As part of this course the basic MIR concepts will be introduced and discussed based on diverse application examples. Since the content based search is important, also different methods for representing and indexing content of texts and multimedia objects will be presented.

Requirements for Participation in the Final Exam

There will be exercise sheets for the exercises. You need to "vote" for exercise tasks. By "voting" for a task the student shows that she / he is able to present this task in front of the class. (Possible solutions will be discussed. They do not need to be correct. However, we expect that the "voter" is well prepared and is able to present at least an initial solution in front of the class.) The tasks will be split up into 2 groups: programming tasks and other tasks. The programming tasks will be marked as such.

The requirements for participation in the final exam (oral or written) are:

  • at least 66% of all programming points,
  • at least 66% of votes for all other exercise tasks and
  • at least one time presentation of a solution in front of the class.

The requirements for the "Schein" (without a mark) are pass of a short colloquium of approximatly 10 minutes or pass of the written exam at the end of the semester. (If an oral or written exam is offered will be announced on this page.)

Dates and Rooms

  Time Start Room
Lecture Tu, 17-18:30 o'clock 10.04.2012 G22A-216
Exercise Tu, 09:15-10:45 o'clock 17.04.2012


Exercise Th, 11:15-12:45 o'clock 26.04.2012


On July, 3rd rather July, 5th the presentation of the 2nd programming task will take place.
On July, 10th rather July, 12th a revision of the exercise and the lecture will take place.

The written exam takes place on July, 19th (11-13 o'clock) in G29-307.

Further information about the lecture and exercise can be found in the LSF portal.

Teaching Staff

If you have any questions about the lecture or the exercises, please contact us via e-mail:




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