Information Retrieval für Syrische Austauschstudenten


On this page you will find some information about the lecture "Information Retrieval", which will be hold for the Syrian exchange students in summer term 2011 by Prof. Andreas Nürnberger. This page will be updated during the course.

Information Retrieval (IR) is about information search in not or less structured datasets like text or multimedia databases. Examples for applications are internet search engines, digital libaries and multimedia archives like image or video databases. In this course you will be introduced into basic IR-concepts and special application areas will be illustrated. Topics covered include:

  • Document pre-processing
  • Indexing
  • IR models
  • Ranking and relevance feedback
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Evaluation
  • Web Search

Dates and Rooms

Event Time Starting Room
Lecture Tuesday 09:00 - 11:00 05.04.2011 G22A-362
Exercise Monday 13:00 - 15:00 07.04.2011 G29-128

Teaching Staff

If you have any questions about the lectures or the exercises feel free to contact us (if possible via E-Mail).




There will be weekly lectures and exercise classes. For the latter, exercise sheets will be published one week in advance. These are required to be prepared in advance by all students. In the beginning of the lesson, every student must indicate which assignments he has prepared (voting). Based on this, solutions will be presented and discussed by the students.

Additional to these theoretical exercises there will be practical programming assignments, which will have to be sent in via mail and which will be reviewed. These tasks will be solved by student groups of max. 3 students. The appointed date will be published for each assignment. Normally you will have about two weeks to work on it.

There will be a written exam at the end of the course. Prerequisites for participating in the exam are:

  • preparing at least 2/3 of all exercises
  • oral presentation of at least two solutions


During the course you will find slides, exercise sheets and additional material published here.


Exercise sheets

Additional Material


  • Introduction to Information Retrieval, C.D. Manning, P. Raghavan, H. Schütze, Cambridge University Press, 2008. (Online-Version)
  • Search User Interfaces, Marti Hearst, Cambridge University Press, 2009. (Online-Version)
  • Modern Information Retrieval, Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier Ribiero-Neto, Addison Wesley, 1999.
  • Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing, Chris Manning and Hinrich Schütze, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1999.
  • Information Retrieval: Data Structures and Algorithms, William B. Frakes and Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Prentice-Hall, 1992.
  • Soft Computing in Information Retrieval, Fabio Crestani and Gabriella Pasi, Physica Verlag, 2000.

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