DKE-Seminar and Project

All information on this website is only preliminary due to the current virus outbreak (COVID-19). Therefore, dates may shift and course information and execution might change completely!

On this page you can find information about the scientific seminar and project/practical course "Data and Knowledge Engineering", which takes place during the summer term 2020.

During the course this page will be updated continuously.

Content and Topics

This course deals with selected topics and subdomains of the research area "Data and Knowledge Engineering". Students acquire insight in methods of user behavior analysis and modeling, knowledge discovery and visualization, data mining, adaptive retrieval systems etc. Below some of the topics for the summer term 2020  are listed:

Image Registration using Deep Learning
Super-resolution of 3D MR Volumes
OBELISK for MR Image Reconstruction
Indoor-outdoor image classification
Traditional image registration techniques
 A Survey of Explainable AI in Information Retrieval
 Identification of Patient-Infections via Next-Generation Sequencing
 Classification Using Machine Learning Approaches – Eye State Prediction
Autoassociative Networks for Information Retrieval
 Image Retrieval based Sub-region Similarity

At the beginning of the course we will present the suggested topics but own ideas or suggestions are also welcome. Topics may require knowledge about Machine Learning and/or Information Retrieval and  many of them require knowledge about computer vision and deep learning. To choose a topic, it is important to have the required knowledge  for it. Additionally, all topics involve a certain amount of programming. Therefore knowledge in a (relevant) programming language is necessary.

Interested Persons

Please register yourself via LSF. Registrations will open on the 18th of March 2020. The seminar and project is limited to 10 participants. We apply the scheme: "First Come, First Serve" (FCFS). The topic distribution will be decided in the first dates of the course. I.e. if you have registered first and you are physically present at the first appointment, you can pick any of the presented topics. Anyone who is not present, will be skipped accordingly.


We will provide lecture slides, the choice of research topics during the course on Moodle: Link to the course

Dates and Rooms

24.04.2020: G22A-112,13:00 - 15:00, Online meeting First meeting to introduce the course, present and select the topics
G22A-112, 9:00 - 11:00, Meeting to introduce scientific working and select the topics (details later).
Work @ Home (read paper, write own paper, implement project)
14.05.2020: Submission for the concept presentations via E-Mail at 9:00 am!
G22A-112, 13:00 - 15:00, Meeting: Concept presentations
Final topic proposal via E-Mail (1 page, abstract + concept)
Work @ Home (read paper, write own paper, implement project)
Work @ Home (read literature, write paper, implement project)
12.06.2020: Paper draft submission at 13:00 pm (exactly 8 pages with template (plus references)) via E-Mail
Get review from topic supervisor [+ Meeting with supervisor]
Finalize the Paper @ Home
Finalize the Paper @ Home
03.07.2020: Final Version submission at 13:00 pm  (exactly 8 pages with template (plus references)) via E-Mail
10.07.2020: Paper presentation (Block Seminar 13:00-15:00)

Further information to the course are found in the E-Learning Portal (Moodle) of the OVGU. Link to the course

Teaching Staff

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If you have any questions about the course, please contact us via E-Mail:


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