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Deutsch: Auf dieser Seite finden Sie Informationen zum wissenschaftlichen Seminar und Projekt "User Behavior Modeling", welches im Sommersemester 2014 stattfindet. Das Seminar und Projekt wird von den Dozenten und Master Studenten bei Bedarf auch auf Englisch gehalten. Den Bachelor Studenten ist es aber möglich, ihre Diskussionen, Präsentationen und Ausarbeitungen in deutscher Sprache zu halten bzw. abzugeben. Der Einfachheit halber sind alle folgenden Informationen in Englisch angegeben.

English: On this page you can find information about the scientific seminar and project/practical course "User Behavior Modeling", which takes place during the summer term 2014. On demand the seminar and project will be in English. The Bachelor students can discuss, present and write their work in German. For simplicity the following information is provided in English.

During the course this page will be updated coutinuously.

Content and Topics

This course deals with the topic "User Behavior Modeling" in general and selected subdomains. The approach of modeling human information processing either in their entirety or in parts, follows two purposes. On one hand the goal is to create systems which are able to adapt their parameters to the user's specific needs. The results are personalized information retrieval systems, adaptive agents and interfaces, systems that are able to recognize human affects and behavior, etc. On the other hand the systems can simulate users e.g. to evaluate new interfaces, understand the flow of information in social networks or to create cognitive systems in general. Of course the purposes of adaptation and simulation are often interwoven.

At the beginning of the course we will present different topics concerning "User Behavior Modeling" but own ideas or suggestions are also welcome.

Course and Relation between Seminar and Project

The seminar is offered for Bachelor students to achieve an overview about the topic "User Behavior Modeling", its different subdomains and methods. The assignment is to become acquainted with a chosen subdomain, hold a presentation and write a paper about this topic. In the end the Bachelor students receive 2SWS/3ECTS. The project is offered for the Master students and consists of the seminar and a practical work. Hence the Master students also need to participate in the seminar, process the seminar assignment and additionally solve a practical work to receive altogether 2+4=6SWS/3+3=6ECTS.

Interested Persons

Please register yourself via E-Mail to Afra'a Ahmad Alyosef.

Dates and Rooms

09.04.2014: 9:15 - 11:45, Building 22A, Room 128:
                    Fist Meeting to present and select the topics and to register for the course

16.04.2014: 9:15 - 11:45, Building 22A, Room 128:
                    choose the topics
23.04.2014: Deadline for unsubscribing  from the course. Submission for title, abstract and the first
                     references via E-Mail (ca. 1 page)
06.05.2014: Submission for the concept presentations via E-Mail.
07.05.2014: Concept presentations
21.05.2014: Paper draft submission (10 pages for Bachelor / 15 pages for Master in LNCS-Style) via E-Mail
04.06.2014: Review submission (2 reviews, each 1 page) via E-Mail
18.06.2014: Final Version submission (10 pages for Bachelor / 15 pages for Master in LNCS-Style) via E-Mail
24.06.2014: Submission for the paper presentation slides via E-Mail
25.06.2014 - 02.07.2014: in Building 29, Room 130 - "Blockseminar"/Paper presentation (ca. 15 - 20min.)

Further information about the course can be found in the LSF portal.

Teaching Staff

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us via E-Mail:


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