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Cross lingual and Multilingual Information Retrieval

The widespread use of the Internet has increased the multilingual information available online. Furthermore, the non-native English speakers have increased. Initially online documents were used predominantly by English speakers. Now more than half (50.4%) of web users speak a native language other than English. It has become more important that documents of different languages and cultures are retrieved in response to the user's request.

Our research in this area focuses on supporting multilingual information retrieval by interactive retrieval tools with a focus on european languages. However in addition special attention is given to the Arabic language. We focus on different approaches for multilingual information retrieval: One is using machine-readable multilingual dictionaries; the other is automatic extraction of possible correct translation equivalents sensed by statistical analysis of parallel corpora. For the second approach we use a statistical/probabilistic method on parallel text written in multiple languages in order to identify the correct sense of the word translation using bilingual parallel text as training data.


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Selected Publications

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