MultiLexExplorer is a tool that combines a knowledge-driven word sense disambiguation with a knowledge-based text retrieval approach in an interactive framework. We use lexical resources in order to disambiguate documents (retrieved from the web or a local document collection) given the different meanings (retrieved from the lexical resources, in our case EuroWordNet) of a search term having unambiguous description in different languages. We focus especially on the integration of methods that support the adaptation of the system interface and the output to the current search context.

Using EuroWordNet for cross-language text retrieval, we support the user in:

  • exploring the linguistic context of a word in the general hierarchy,
  • searching in different languages, e.g., by translating word senses using the interlingual index of EuroWordNet,
  • disambiguating the word senses of different word combinations,
  • interacting with the system changing the search context "center" of the original query and, thus, also the search words and the number of retrieved results,
  • expanding the original query to restrict the number of retrieved documents, and in
  • categorizing the retrieved web documents automatically using different categorization methods.

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