Data and Knowledge Management for the Web

General Course Information

On this web page, information (slides, assignments, etc.) for the course 'Data and Knowledge Management for the Web', which is held during winter term 2008/2009 by Dr. Ernesto William De Luca, is given.

In this course, we will analyze and discuss different methods related to retrieval systems and natural language processing and especially Data and Knowledge Management Tools for the Web. Moreover, different ways of incorporating semantic knowledge into such systems will be shown. New trends like multilingual, semantic-based and social Web search will be analyzed, as well as the growing importance of ontologies in the Web. The role of the Web 2.0 applications and the growth of the Web 3.0 will also be presented.

This course provides advanced approaches, and applications in Web information systems. Topics covered include, among others:
•    Data and Knowledge Representation
•    Natural Language Processing
•    Multilingual Information Retrieval
•    Word Sense Disambiguation
•    Ontology representation and extraction
•    Word Sense Clustering
•    Semantic-based Visualization
•    Semantic Information Retrieval
•    Semantic Similarity Measures
•    Social Web
•    Knowledge Management and Collective Intelligence
•    Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Prerequisite for attending this course is basic knowledge of computer science. However, we are also open for interested students from other faculties.

Course Schedule and Room Assignments

Title Time Start Room
Lecture Thursday 11:00 - 13:00 15.10.2009 G29-E037
Exercises Monday 11:00 - 13:00 19.10.2009 G29-K058

Course Staff

If you have any questions concerning the lectures or assignments please contact (if possible by email)

Requirements for the 'Schein'

For each exercise lesson assignments will be given (usually one week in advance). There will be two categories of assignments: Programming and others. Programming assignments can be done by a group of two or three students, all other assignments have to be done individually. To all assignments depending on its complexity a specific number of points are given (approx. 25% of the assignments will be programming). In the beginning of each exercise lesson, every student has to indicate the assignments that he has solved and that he is willing to present and discuss.

In order to obtain a 'Schein', the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

  • at least half of the achievable points for the programming assignments,
  • at least half of the achievable points for the other assignments,
  • at least two presentations of solutions during the exercises and
  • successful participation in a short colloquium (approx. 10 min.) after the end of the course

Requirements for the Oral Exam

We require all our students to participate in the excercise lessons. Students, who want to take an oral exam, are also supposed to fulfill the requirements for a 'Schein'. The colloquium will be replaced by the oral exam.


We will provide the lecture slides, assignment sheets, and further material during the course.


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