Asian and Arabic Text Retrieval

General Course Information

On this web page, information (slides, etc.) for the seminar 'Asian and Arabic Text Retrieval', which is held during summer term 2009 by Farag Ahmed and Ernesto William De Luca, is given.

Prerequisites for attending this course is basic knowledge of computer science (Vordiplom). Therefore, this course is open to all students of computer science having a Vordiplom. However, we are also open for interested students from other faculties.

Description of topics

The increasing diversity of the Internet web sites has created millions of multilingual resources in the World Wide Web. At first glance, it seems that thus more information can be retrieved by non-English speaking people. However, in order to retrieve information written by these languages, some issues need to be tackled. In this seminar we will deal with different problems related to asian and arabic texts, analyzing different approaches that help to overcome some issues regarding to those languages such as word sense disambiguation, corpora alignment, text segmentation, morphological analyzing, text encoding , language identification etc.

Course Schedule and Room Assignments

Title Time Start Room
Seminar Thursday 9:00am - 11:00am 09.04.2009 G22-119

Course Staff

If you have any questions concerning the lectures or assignments please contact (if possible by email)

Requirements for the 'Schein'

The following criteria has to be fullfilled for the 'Schein':

  • 30 minutes presentation about an elected topic (topics can be elected in the first lesson)
    delivery of the slides 1 week before the presentation date
  • active participation and reasonable discussion about the presentations
  • write a scientific paper (hints will be given at the beginning of the seminar), 7-10 pages
    delivery of the paper 1 week before the presentation date
    revision of the paper on the basis of the reports and other hints
  • participation in the other presentations
  • writing of reports for 2 other papers (hints will be given at the beginning of the seminar)
    delivery of the reports one day before the presentation date

If you need a 'benoteten Schein' you have to announce it in the first lesson!

Hints on the delivery

The delivery of the paper, the slides and the reports can be done by email to and Please send for the paper also the source file (word or latex document). The paper and the slides have to be delivered one week before the presentation date on wednesday 8:00 am. The reports have to be delivered one day before the presentation date of the examined talk at 8:00 am. These deadlines must be strictly adhered.


We will provide the lecture slides and further material during the course.



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