Research seminar for students

General Information

This seminar provides a framework for the presentation of student’s work which is done at our research group. This includes student’s research projects, diploma, bachelor and master theses, lab internship and software projects as well as research assistants’ work. It provides space for debates, to discuss problems and find new inspiration. Each student who is active at our research group should present at least once, usually twice (once at the beginning and once at the end of the work), within the seminar.

Schedule and Room Assignments

The seminar is usually held on Fridays 9 to 11 clock unless no presentation is announced. In exceptional cases, presentations can be held on different dates. The details on presentation room and date are provided in advance.

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A list of past presentations can be found here.


Each student who is active at our research group should regularly participate in this seminar. We also encourage other students to visit this seminar.

Presentation Guidelines

The time of the presentation is about 20 minutes. Presentation at the beginning of the work should convincingly present a project to the research group staff. For that the research problem should be clearly described and its possible solutions (which can be realistically handled in the available time) should be discussed. The presentation should also contain a time schedule for the upcoming work. Presentation at the end of the work should have a short description of the research problem and a good explanation of the implemented solutions. Here the differences to the previous project plan and problems should be also listed.

Seminar Staff

If you have any questions concerning the seminar please contact (if possible by email):

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