Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg


Information Visualization

MultiLexExplorer_screenshotWithin our research on information visualization special techniques are developed which enable the visualization of object collections that are not the result of a natural projection in a two- or three-dimensional spce. Thereby, especially methods to visualize document databases and search results are considered. In current studies we examine, for example, how a user could be better assisted by the presentation of additional information (e.g. interactive document cards or dynamic generated diagrams of connetions between documents or keywords) when searching or analysing databases. Here, in particular visualization techniques that have been develloped in the area of explorative data analysis are studied. Furthermore, we are interested in how far visualization can be used to analyse changes in document databases that are, for example, resulting from the addition of new topics in a database or current topics in a news ticker as well the removal of topics.


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