Knowledge Journey for Science Station 2014

Exponat "deine Wissensreise"If only could the search user interface adapt to the user's needs! Technical devices are getting more and more important for our everyday life. This is true even for the younger generations. However, the technical devices and their software are not always optimally designed for young users and do not consider their specific requirements. The exhibit “Your Knowledge Journey” shows that this can be changed. The exhibit is designed in form of a robust information terminal for an interactive search for the Science Station 2014 exhibition. The exhibition annually takes place at multiple train stations in Germany and welcomes children and adults. The search user interface of the Knowledge Journey was developed by the DKE group and the results are published in various international conferences. The exhibit terminal was developed during the Companion-Technology for Cognitive Technical Systems project. It offers the possibility to adapt the search user interface to the age of the user. You are welcome to visit the exhibition and try out our exhibit at a train station nearby.

Click here to read more about the exhibition and check the tour schedule (in German).

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